Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Take Back Your Life: In New Panties!

Now that the divorce is done or almost done.  There are some personal YOU things you can do to move yourself forward.  DITCH ALL THE UNDERWEAR YOU HAD DURING YOUR MARRIAGE!  Time to go through that underwear drawer and pitch all that old tired stuff...including the stuff you bought to rev up the failing marriage.

Now I am not suggesting you run to Victoria Secrets and spend your rent/mortgage/daycare money.  You can find really nice undies at Target's, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and other places like that.  Take your time and really choose things that speak to your inner sexiness and you don't have to choose form over function.  You can absolutely find sexy things that aren't swatches of lace or dental floss for your butt.  There are a myriad of choices to make you feel feminine, desirable and powerful.  Yes underwear can do all that!

Divorce is hard and even if you wanted it, it is hard and sad.  There are few things that you can do to start regaining your sense of self.  Getting new underwear is a very personal and affirming experience.  Take your time, pick panties and bras that inspire you and cheer you.  If you only wear white, look for a different style or cut.  If you always wanted to try a thong, pick one and go for it!  Boy shorts are all the rage...they are very sexy and trust me they have them for every BODY/SHAPE/SIZE!

4 years ago, I cleaned out my underwear drawer.  My girlfriend JB nudged me and nudged me until I just went and shopped.  I was not expecting to be thrilled by it.  I also wasn't expecting how good it felt to throw out all the underwear and lingerie I had in my marriage.  All the stuff "he" saw, bought, touched went to the trash...not in anger, but in liberation.  I was ready to move on. Moving on with new panties, bras and lingerie. 

Take back your life in new panties! You deserve new panties, even if you start with one new pair.


Missy said...

I totally did this! It was one fo the first things I did after my H moved out - packed a big box of all the nighties and undies: yes, the ones I bought to keep him interested (FAIL), the ones he bought for me, the ones he touched. It was very liberating!

Jonas said...

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skyshrouder said...

I could definitely relate to you. These are one of those simple things that if you do after a divorce makes it easier to move on.

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