Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And Baby You Are Worth It

I get that if you have kids and you are going through a divorce, that you want to do all you can to ensure that they come through the changes with few scars.  You want to make their existence as seamless as possible.  You don't want them to feel any pain or any inconvenience to their schedules, their bedtimes and their lives.

You are not Superman!  You cannot shield them from hurt, pain or inconveniences.  You can support them and guide them through the transition, but they are going to feel what they feel.  But this is not the post I am sharing today.  I am talking about YOU!  Taking some time to rejuvenate, to breathe.

I know it is hard as a parent to carve out that time for yourself.  We are all so self sacrificing and to take a minute of "me" time carries a great deal of guilt and add divorce and you are a loser for sure.  We have got to re-think ourselves out of this mess.  We all need time for our own wishes, desires and sanity.  You weren't born a parent and there is nothing written anywhere not the bible, the Torah, sacred scriptures of any sort that says just give all to your kids until you are ragged.  God even took a day off during creation for rest. 

Listen, your kids deserve a parent that is functioning from a place of rest and peace.  Chaos is not a parenting style.  Tired is not a parenting style.  Give yourself the gift of time for yourself.  Hire a doggone babysitter and leave the guilt on the curb.  Your kids will like you more when you are operating from a place of well-being.  If you can't afford a sitter, barter with other parents in daycare, or school or church, or the hair salon.  It can been done and it may require a little effort and baby you are worth it!


Big Mark 243 said...

This is so true... but I think this is the start of the conversation on this subject...