Friday, October 1, 2010


We carry too many labels for our lives.  We are so quick to slap a label on every aspect of our human experience.  Often the labels we apply are negative and feed into our already low sense of self.  We happily call ourselves, fat, dumb, weak, depressed.  We even allow others to join in labeling us.  They do it with all the best intentions and we co-sign it.

We are the designers of our lives.  We create and assign the labels that we wear.  And if we know that, then why aren't we creating positive self-affirming labels for ourselves....I am talented, beautiful, worthy, smart, intelligent, witty, loving.  We are not easily drawn to the positive attributes of ourselves, we shy away from blowing our own horn.  When we are direct and forceful, there a labels for that...Bitch, Witch, Crazy.  Some of us actually think by taking on those labels that we are mastering our image.  We are taking control of our labels.  I don't think so.  I think we are taking labels and wearing them in a way to lessen the harshness of them.  As if we can.  Maybe we can. Maybe we shouldn't.

We are the designers of our labels.  We can call ourselves anything we want.  Why not the best and brightest...a child of God?  Think long and hard about all the labels you call yourself.  Are they true?  Are they rooted in self-doubt, shame, low self-esteem?  If so, then we have work to do today. 

This life is not a dress rehearsal for your real life tomorrow.  Move boldly into the life of your dreams.  It begins with who you believe you are right now.  If you don't like that CHANGE IT!  Change your mind, change your life.