Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I can’t remember when I actually started to feel my way back to cooking after my separation and subsequent divorce. Trying to plan meals with kids in mind was challenging, not because they were picky eaters…they were not. My challenge was creating meals that were nutritious, economic and not mundane. I wanted to get beyond fish sticks, pasta with sauce and chicken nuggets.

My Sister-friend JB and founder of suggested making pizza! Pizza at home? Hhmm? What would that involve? So I asked my kids for 3 top ingredients. They chose sauteed spinach w/garlic, sweet Italian turkey sausage and shredded mozzarella cheese. Over time we all have gotten more creative by adding more ingredients like fresh tomatoes, black olives, red peppers, fresh basil. You can get whole wheat pizza dough at Wal-Mart.  For just a few dollars you can become your own food artisan and have crafts you can eat!

Making pizzas with the kids gives them an opportunity to be creative, take ownership of healthy eating and best of all hang out with me eating PIZZA!

Being divorced can open up opportunities for new and exciting ways to interact with your kids. Explore the possibilities!