Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Divorce is painful, draining and spirit breaking. You feel like life has lost its meaning and you are free falling backwards in your own life. At least that’s how I felt. I had no energy for anything or anybody. I could barely get myself up to wrestle children to start their day. I let myself slip into a malaise of sorts. I had so much going on. I was mired in drama, unhappiness and uncertainty. Balanced, nutritionally decent meals were the last doggone things on my mind. I just been left by my then husband and I didn’t see it coming.

Yet in still, kids had to eat. I had to eat. I was in no mood to make fancy meals. I was in no mood to think nutritionally. All I wanted to do was give them something hot and fast. If that meant several nights at any given fast food restaurant so be it. I did not feel guilty. I was quite grateful those places had hot food ready for me to pick up and serve! I was not in a mood to cook or even plan meals. Breakfast was cereal. I did make an effort to stay away from the ridiculously sweet cereal that offered next to nothing in nutritional value. But that was my only real conscious thought. Otherwise I was happy to serve them food that wasn’t wholly good for them. I was tired and overwhelmed.

Things are infinitely better now and I am cooking! I am cooking with passion and gusto! Oh there are days when I am worn thin and the thought of preparing a meal kills me. On those days I suck it up and remember how it used to be and I am instantly renewed! This new blog is about all the food I cook and serve. This blog is about being divorced with kids and eating. This blog is about little saving graces that carry us on up the road. So join me as I eat my way to wellness and happiness and love.

Bon appetít!